The Smoothie

The Smoothie, also sometimes spelled smoothy, is almost becoming a cultural icon. With many celebrities and health/fitness spokespeople seemingly professing their love of them, we see them everywhere. Even my niece offered me one when I visited yesterday.

 So, what is this “smoothie” thing? Well, it is a blender drink that can contain almost anything. They typically have fruit, crushed ice, and have a milkshake consistency. Other common ingredients include protein powder, herbal supplements, milk, soy milk, ice cream, spinach and other vegetables and more. Basically anything goes. Or at least anything you can safely put in your blender!

A Green Smoothie!They can be used as a snack, a beverage, or a meal replacement. They are very popular meal replacement among the bodybuilders at my gym who keep them low fat (no ice cream etc.), and plenty of healthy ingredients, and lots of whey protein powder. They are a quick way to stock up on protein and other healthy things quickly and conveniently.

Smoothies are very popular for health. You can certainly lose a lot of weight with diet using smoothies. You can pack in lots of vitamins, minerals, and nutrition in a quick and simple drink. Often you will see them promoted this way.

Smoothies can also be unhealthy as hell and more like a fun desert. I had one with chocolate bits, peanut butter, and ice cream recently that was simply awesome!

Smoothies have actually been around a long time although public awareness may be at an all time high now. “Smoothies, The Original Smoothie Book” was popular in the 1960s when smoothies first became popular in the US. Early ones tended to be fruit and ice, with perhaps some fruit juice. In the 70s, milk started be commonly added and they were popular in health food stores and healthy restaurants.

Today, they seem to be more popular than ever and the list of ingredients is more varied than ever. I don’t think anyone would have considered broccoli or spinach in that 1960!
They are very simple to make yourself.

Rather than mention any recipes, just take a look online and you will find more than enough. Your need a blender, an ice chopper blade is good too, and some time to experiment and see what you like. Are you looking for health, convenient meal replacement, or more of a dessert like experience?

Maybe all three like I am? I do occasional make ice cream based ones, more typically do a fruit based healthy concoction, and sometimes even add protein power and more to make them more of a meal!