Osterizer Blender

Osterizer Blenders are made by Sunbeam. They are among the most popular blenders out there, and are widely available at local stores in most places as well as online.

One of the least expensive is the Oster 6640 10-Speed Blender at under $20. It's a pretty popular blender, although reviews are mixed. It has 450 watts of power, an all metal drive train, and stainless steel blades that are easily removed for cleaning. It comes with a plastic, not glass, jar, no surprise for the price. Although they describe it as "break resistant" and some people prefer it as it can't break and shatter like glass, our take is that it's not as durable.

People describe this blender alternately as "great" or "junk." Personally we believe it's a lot of blender for the price, and Oster is very good at replacing broken blenders should you have a problem.

The Oster 4093 Classic Beehive Blender is our favorite. It's powered by a 500 watt motor, has a 40 ounce glass jar, two speeds, and is a modern appliance with retro styling. Stainless steel blades, easy cleaning, etc., it's under $80 and a simple and durable blender without bells and whistles, which few people need or use. Reviews are mainly positive, although a few people claim it's not durable. Fortunately should you be in the minority who have problems, it comes with a great warranty.

The Oster 6684 12-Speed Blender is also very popular if you need more options. It has a 450 watt motor and a 5-cup glass jar, and of course 12 speeds. User reviews include comments like "awesome" and "great" although some describe it as noisy. Hey, as it's a blender at under $55, more like $42 discounted, it should be somewhat noisy. Reviews are quite positive for this unit.

And last, the Oster BPST02-B Professional Series Blender is designed as "the ultimate bar blender machine." It's quite rugged and comes with a 1/2 horse motor. It's a simple 2 speed design and lists for $170 but is available at a very deep discount. I wonder if with the currently over $100 discount if it'll be discontinued very soon?

Originally the Oster name and hence the name Osterizer came from the John Oster Manufacturing Company which made small appliances, originally hair clippers starting in 1924. In 1946, the John Oster Manufacturing Company bought Stevens Electric, which had the patent on the liquefying blender in 1922, and the brand “Osterizer” was created. Then in 1960, they were bought by Sunbeam.

In any case, there is an Osterizer blender to fit about every use you might want in your kitchen. The prices are good, they are widely available, and so are replacement Osterizer Blender Parts should you need them.