Oster Wine Opener

The Oster Wine Opener is a popular cordless electric wine bottle opener, an electric cork removing device. It won’t make your wine taste any better but may make opening the bottle a non issue.

For people that drink lots of wine, and open lots of wine bottles, getting the cork out may or may not be an issue. Then again, I’ve seen plenty of waiters and waitresses occasionally have trouble as well.

The Oster has a base that plugs in, and the wine opener sits on top when not in use and maintains its charge. If you forget to place it back on its base, for example at a party, no problem as it can open about 30 bottles on a single charge. It also comes with a foil cutter for removing those foil coverings (usually called “capsules”) from the tops of wine bottles.

It’s well designed, has an "ergonomically designed soft grip handle" which feels quite good to the grip, and takes minimal counter space.

It's under $20 for this opener, officially called the Oster 4207 Electric Wine-Bottle Opener, and reviews are very positive. Also very popular is the set which includes an Oster Wine Opener and Wine Chiller.

These are pretty popular gifts.

They are especially useful, at least in my opinion, for people who have trouble opening wine bottles. Examples include an elderly aunt of mine who has arthritis. Some days it's just tough for her.

Corks have been used on wine bottles since the 17th century. This was a major breakthrough as corked sealed wine bottles effectively and the wine lasted longer since it didn't quickly oxidize and go bad from contact with air. But it created a new problem - removing the corks from the bottles!

Apparently this was a problem from the beginning judging from the wide range of patents that have been issued for removing corks from wines! Now a simple cork screw works just fine, but it does require some skill and some practice, and often quite a bit of strength as well.

There are an amazing array of wine openers available, and most oenophiles (wine lovers, like me) own quite a few of them. There are beautiful antique ones available often at auction, lever actioned ones to make it easier, and well as gas powered, and electric ones like the Oster Wine Opener.

And you thought they only made popular blenders :)