Oster Rice Cooker

Putting together a full meal involves a number of steps, including cooking or otherwise preparing a number of different foods or dishes.

Anything you can do to make this easier is an added plus! Some things might detract from the meal, such as some “instant” ingredients and so forth, but other are simply convenient yet don’t affect the taste.

One example is using a rice cooker, for example an Oster Rice Cooker. Anyone can cook rice with a specialized machine and it’s simple. It’s also simple to overcook rice even to the point of burning it, especially when you are working intensely in the kitchen. Many rice cookers are also programmable, allowing you to set the time when the rice starts cooking as well as automatically shutting off when the rice is done. Anything that makes making a meal simpler is great.

There  are many different Oster Rice Cookers available, including machines that just do rice to ones that can also steam other foods. Some models include the Oster 4722, Oster 4724, Oster 4721, 4715, 3071, 4731 and even more. These range from looking just a few cups of rice up to 20 cups,  and many have different bells and whistles as well.

Let's look at a couple of very popular models.

The Oster 4722 is a very popular and basic model, really all many people need. It's  inexpensive, under $20 on  sale right now, and cooks up to 10 cups of rice.

The included one liter steaming tray will also let you cook vegetables, and you can even makes soups and fondues in it. It has a glass lide and a keep warm function, a nonstick pot which is dishwasher safe along with the steaming tray, and includes a warranty.

It's all most small families need.

Also very popular is the Oster Stainless Steel 4724 20-Cup Rice Cooker.

It is a multiuse  cooker that along with making up to 20 cups of cooked rice can make chocolate fondue, soups and much more. It has a  vacuum sealed cool-touch lid, and comes with a  steaming tray, measuring cup and a rice paddle too.

It's nice to have your rice cook almost automagically while you concentrate on other parts of your meal, hence the popularity of these Oster Rice Cooker choices.

Oster makes more than just Osterizer Blenders!