Oster Milkshake Blade

The Oster Milkshake Blade is a very popular accessory to make delicious, smooth, and frosty milkshakes, just like at an ice cream parlor!

It fits all Oster and Osterizers (even 30+ year old models according to user reports, and most users report it is a joy to use. It's designed especially for milkshakes, which means milk and ice cream and perhaps some flavorings, and excels at that. As you can tell by looking at the blades, it is not designed to crush ice! The regular blade or an Oster 4961 Ice Blade will do an infinitely better job of that.

Little Girl witha  MilkshakeWith an ordinary blade, when making milkshakes, the bottom liquid gets all frothed up but the top liquid only slowly gets drawn in, and sometimes may need some help. With the Oster Milkshake Blade, the milkshake gets blended up smoothly, easily, and quickly.

The Oster company describes it as "This milkshake blade provides a better way to make milkshakes." and goes on to say that with it "you can get fluffier, frothier and thicker milkshakes.

The reviews from people using it to make milkshakes are great. For example, Carl Belknap reports it "Makes Super Smooth Shakes" and "This special Blade makes Smooth and Creamy Milk Shakes, Just like I used to drink as a Kid" in his 5 star review, and PebblePuppy from Missouri says "this does a far better job on milkshakes than the regular blade" in their 5 star review.
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Now what exactly is a milkshake? Some people may disagree (hey, some places evenOster Milkshake Blade make them without ice cream!), but we'll define a milkshake as a sweet cold beverage made of milk and ice cream, and often with other flavorings like chocolate or caramel sauce or fruit syrup.

Now what is a smoothie? It's similar, in that it's a sweet, blended, chilled beverage, but will usually contain fruit (or vegetables), no ice cream, and is often marketed to the health conscious. A milkshake is not intended for health, but for pleasure!

If you even occasionally make milkshakes, you may want to consider the inexpensive and functional Oster Milkshake Blade!