Oster Kitchen Center

The Oster Kitchen Center is a fantastic kitchen appliance often described as a blender and mixer combined together. My Aunt has one that's dark yellow with stainless steel bowls that sit on a turntable. The top part comes off to put the blender on it.

This appliance can do many things including mix, grind meat and food with two settings, make dough, slice, and shred or grate food, make French fries, make salad, cole slaw or sauerkraut. Many people absolutely love theirs.

I remember my aunt using hers when I was young to make bread dough, cookies, grind hamburger, make cole slaw and more.

Unfortunately the Oster Kitchen Center was discontinued in the 1990's, but parts are still widely available, including Oster Kitchen Center Beaters, Oster Kitchen Center Bowls, Oster Kitchen Center Repair Parts like gears, Oster Kitchen Center Attachments, Oster Kitchen Center Blender Parts like ice blades, and Oster Kitchen Center Grinder Repair Parts.

When ordering parts or accessories, beware that there is both a 900 Series and 5000 series and make sure you order parts for the correct series.

You may be able to find parts locally of you can order them online from several places.

For example,  Amazon has a wide variety of Oster Kitchen Center Parts and Accessories. They even have Oster Kitchen Center cookbooks!

If you want an Oster Blender Center, you can often find a vintage one on eBay.