Oster Ice Blade

The Oster Ice Blade is a popular accessory for line of Oster and Osterizer Blenders. Great for  making smoothies, frozen drinks for adults or children, protein drinks, and much more.

In fact many people use them simply as a replacement blade for existing blade as they can wear old and get dull, especially if you are using them a lot and also especially as many of these blenders last for a long time. Really the only downside is that you may not be able to find them locally, but they are quick and easily (as well as inexpensive) to buy online.

Strawberry Blender DrinkThe Oster 4961 Ice Blade is extremely popular and has dozens of positive reviews on Amazon as well. Although calling it "revolutionary" as the product description does is no doubt overkill, it works extremely well. It features extremely sharp rotating blades that are designed to pull down and pulverize ice and other ingredients, and also includes a rubber sealing ring/gasket to prevent leaking. It fits most 5 and 6 cup plastic and glass blender jars.

Really how much can you say about a simple and inexpensive product that does what it should and does it extremely well?  They are great for example for making smoothies. Well, reviewers have a lot to say!

"Like a new blender!!!!" says Osmosis1, who reports that after 22 years (they got their blender as a Wedding gift in 1986), their Margaritas were coming out with chucks of ice and they thought the motor might have been getting weak. "OH MY WORD!!!!!" (emphasis NOT mine). They recommend it super highly.
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GreenTiger from Madison reports "Works like new again!" They make smoothies that require blending fruit and 6 ice cubes nearly every day, and after over a year the blener slowed down. This power user thought it might be time for a new blender, but simply replace the blades make it as good as new.
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Blenders do get a lot of use and resulting wear and tear. Blending is hard work which is why we usually use a blenders instead of doing it by hand! With enhancement and replacement parts we can increase its flexibility and extend the life of our blenders.

Sometimes a New Blender Blade is all it takes to make a seemingly older blender as good as new!

I replace mine every once in a blue moon, and sometimes even keep a spare handy. My blender gets lots of work!