Oster Hand Blender

An Oster Hand Blender is not one of those handheld eggbeater type blenders with gears that you work by “pedaling” a handle.

Rather, it is an electric blender that you hold in your hand, as opposed to one that sits on a surface with a jar built in. You hold this in your hand and place it in the container of food, ice, etc., you want blend.

We are going to look at several models. It certainly appears that Oster is not the leader in handhelds, and their cheapest and lowest end model (the first we mention) has a history of reliability issues and is suitable for low impact blending only. They make a couple of better models, but "heavy duty" and "durable" are not descriptors we or many reviewers use. Still, one may be perfect for your use. We'll also look at a competing model with great reviews and reputation.

A very popular model is the Oster 2614 2-Speed 250-Watt Hand Blender, but we do NOT recommend it! The reviews on Amazon are mostly one star out of five and comments include “Don’t waste your money!” “Critical parts are garbage” and “Junk product. Avoid!” Admittedly some people think it’s pretty good, but they are the nearly miniscule minority! It’s loud and breaks easily. Enough said.

The Oster 2605 Hand Blender is much better. It is much more reliable, although some user still complain it breaks sometimes, it has variable speed settings, a stainless steel “S” blade, a whisk attachment, and even a food chopper attachment included. Its lid can be used as a cover for storage and as a non-skid base.

Reviews vary from“Love it!”and “Just what I was looking for” to “Do they make these so that they break on purpose?” and “Broke after a couple of months of heavy use.” Mostly positive 5 star reviews, but hard to recommend unilaterally as well. Click Here to read the reviews.

The Oster 2619 350-Watt 3-in-1 Hand Blender, Chopper, and Slicer is another step up and much better. It’s a 350 watt hand blender, mini chopper and electric knife. Many people say it’s quite good, but many also comment on its (lack of) durability as well. Click Here to read the reviews.

Now I am an Oster fan, but love the following!

Cusinart Smart Stick Hand BlenderThe Cuisinart CSB-76BC SmartStick Immersion Hand Blender is a gem!  Features include:

It also comes with a handy 2 cup plastic blender.

User reviews are primarily awesome (Click Here to read them all) and include 5 star "Ah hah, I'm all shook up!" by C. Scagliola, "Great Hand Blender" by John Yi, and an all caps "BELIEVE ALL THE GREAT REVIEWS"  by Marge T.

Click Here for the best price on Amazon! This will most likely be my next handheld blender! Kind of a no brainer.