Oster Blender Jar

An Oster Blender Jar is the part on top of the blender that the contents to be blended go into, and they come in different sizes as well as made from different materials.

You may be looking for a replacement, and if so you've come to the right place. You also may be looking to have more than one.

I know often when I'm cooking a meal I may use my blender for several reasons, for example for making soup, salad dressing, dessert etc. Having more than one jar simplifies life, especially if it is a complete jar assembly with the blade and top.

They come in both plastic and glass versions. I greatly prefer glass; they are very durable and can last almost forever. My Mother in law has one that must be literally 50 years old, bought in 1960, used several times weekly, and still going strong. I know from experience that they often survive nasty tumbles onto the floor and survive, although they also can and do break.

Plastic Oster blender jars are also common. Some people prefer them as they are lighter, and although they can and do sometimes crack, they are durable and will never break into a zillion or so little pieces of glass!

Replacement blender jar tops and bottoms are also available.

The standard size is a 5 cup jar, for both plastic and glass, and will fit most Osters and Osterizer Blenders. Some older ones originally had a 4 cup jar, and although most 5 cup jars will fit, you will also need a new top as the old one will not work.

There is also an 8 ounce mini-jar, perfect if you perhaps grind coffee, baby food, or other substances in small quantities. It also has a lid so you can store any extra easily.

Click Here to see them all, and we'll highlight some of the most popular as well. Glass Oster Blender Jar

This 5 cup glass square top blender jar fits most Oster, Osterizer, and all Oster Kitchen Centers models.

It's economical and simply works! One of the most popular.

It is not a genuine Oster part, but most people report that it fits perfectly and probably neither know nor care.

It's cheap enough to have an extra, although kitchen storage space is always at a premium in my kitchen!Plastic Oster Blender Jar

This 5 cup plastic Oster blender jar is also popular and includes the complete jar assembly with top and blade.

It's very easy to clean, and much lighter, something many people greatly appreciate.

I find these great when mixing tropical drinks. You can use several jars with different types of drinks, for example Pina Colada and Daiquiri or alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions.

Fortunately Oster and Osterizer Blender Parts are widely and easily available, and that includes the Oster Blender Jars.