Oster Beehive Blender

The Oster Beehive Blender is so called because the base looks much like a beehive.

They are extremely popular blenders, and Oster (a brand now owned by Sunbeam) currently lists 8 different models on their website, both the Oster® Classic Beehive Blender series (models 4090, 4096, 4242-6  and 4270-615) as well as the Oster® Osterizer® Contemporary Classic Beehive Blender series (models 4126, 4127, 4128, and 4134).

Oster Beehive Blenders have seemingly been made forever, and early ones tended to have heavier construction and stronger motors than their competition which raised their cost but made them very durable. My mother in law literally has one that is now at least 49 years old! She uses it on average 3-4 times a week minimum, and has only had to replace the blades once - no other maintenance has been required!

In case of any required maintenance or repairs, fortunately a wide array of parts are still manufactured! These include gaskets, blades, jars, tops, bottoms, and more.

A current favorite is the Oster 4093 Classic Beehive Blender, powered by a 500 watt motor. It comes with a 40 ounce glass jar, has 2 speeds, and is a modern appliance with retro styling.

It has what you'd expect like stainless steel blades, easy cleaning, and much more. It doesn't have many fancy extras or bells and whistles, but who uses those anyways? Even my mother in laws vintage beehive never sees all 10 speeds used! This is a  simple and durable blender for under $80 and highly recommended.

Reviews are mainly positive. For example, Danielle from Horseshoe North Carolina, a Top 1000 Reviewer, says "This Blender Rules!" Lots of positive reviews.

A somewhat cheaper version, about $25 dollars less, is the Oster 4096-009 Designer Series Beehive Blender. It also has good reviews.

I cannot tell you your new Oster Beehive Blender is going to last you nearly half a century like my mother in laws, but I can tell you I plan on inheriting hers, and need be, buying an Oster is my top choice.

Addendum: She's still kicking strong at 80 plus. I may never inherit hers!