Why I love My Oster 16 Speed Blender

- by Jay Chooch
I’ve owned a few blenders in my life starting back in college for blender drinks, and can’t tell you a thing about them.

Not even the brand, how many or even if they had multiple speeds, what color they were, etc. Kind of like socks and nail clippers, I considered them a commodity not really worth noticing. They were all the same.

Now in my 40s I find myself owning an Oster 6812-001 Core 16-Speed Blender. I’ll admitOster 16 Speed Blender to looking at it for the model number, but I know the brand.

It’s a real workhorse of a machine.

I received it as a gift about three years ago and it works flawlessly.

I don’t use it everyday but do use it several times a week. I love the multiple speeds as you can start at slower speeds and then ramp up as whatever you are blending gets progressively blended into smaller bits.

16 speeds are right? I dunno, works for me. Probably anywhere between 10 to 20 would be fine with me.

Primarily uses include:

Making smoothies with it. My wife says it works very well, but I haven’t done this.

Mixing homemade salad dressing. Does a great job of this.

Helping in making some soups and bisques.

Chopping ice, for example for frozen drinks like Frozen Margaritas and Frozen Pina Coladas. I do remember old blenders could do this with some difficulty, but my Oster has plenty of power to crush ice with ease.

We also use it for other uses, like milkshakes and more too. I noticed that there are special purpose blades available for milkshakes but we’ve never felt the need for them at all.

Once I broke the included heavy glass jar. Bounced it on a concrete floor real hard and it broke (it had survived other tumbles and bumps before). It was simply awesome how widely available Oster Blender replacement parts are. I immediately found one online, but my wife thought I was foolish as she had one that same afternoon from the local discount store. They are carried everywhere.

It’s not expensive and often available discounted too (Click here for almost 50% off at Amazon).

Now one friend who owns a BlendTec insists My Oster is loud, obnoxious and hard to use, but his blender costs TEN TIMES as much! I’m not spending $400 on a blender thank you, especially as I’m happy with what I have.

It's sort of a "Hey dude, I'm happy with my BMW and really don't give a poop if you think your Ferrari is better!"

Thanks Jay for your comments. Obviously Jay is not the only one who likes it judging from online reviews.

"I love this blender!" writes Ronda Dexter and T Meeks from Honolulu gives it a "Works great," both in 5 star reviews. Click Here to read all the online reviews at Amazon.