Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

The Breville BBL605XL is a high quality blender with a fantastic design that blends smoothly and evenly, something many blenders have trouble with.

If you are accustomed to cheaper (and yes, some are trashy) blenders you just may be amazed by this one.

Depending on what you are blending, some ingredients always want to rise or "float" and some want to sink. This blender is designed to not allow ingredients to float, pulling them down while simultaneously sucking up and whipping up the ingredients that want to sink.

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control BlenderIt's the Breville BBL605XL's innovative hemisphere blade system with extra wide contoured stainless steel blades that accomplishes this. No more digging up what's below with a spoon or other utensil or needing to do any partial blending by hand in order to get a smooth mixture.

This blender has five speeds: snow, mix, blend, liquefy, and puree, and well as buttons for pulse, ice crushing, and making smoothies.

The ice crushing and smoothie buttons are preprogammed to automatically alter speeds

This essentially is a high quality blender with some food processing functionality!

Blenders take a beating. Pureeing, liquefying, blending, chopping ice and more are difficult tasks. The Breville BBL605XL has heavy duty construction from its diecast stainless steel base, to its surgical grade stainless steel blades, its 750 watt motor, and its 6 cup tritan copolyester jug.

If you come close to overloading it, it will signal a warning and turn off if it truly overheats. Thick cake batters for example may do this but you are unlikely to see this in operation. Still, this safety feature is indicative of a superb design!

It's easy to clean. You can put in a couple of drops of soap or detergent and blend with water to remove any particles, and the entire jug can safely go into the dishwasher. And the wide mouthed jug makes it easy to get ingredients out.

It also has an LCD timer and illuminated buttons for ease of use, a sleek design, its size is 8  by 6.5 by 17 inches  and it weights 11 pounds.

It has a fantastic 4.3 star rating on Amazon as of this writing. The cast majority of reviews are 5 star and worth reading if you are not sure this is the perfect blender for you.

Click here to see all the reviews.

Does it  "begins with a simple moment of brilliance" and does it deserve the awards its won? I'm not qualified to comment but I can say that it is an elegant and heavy duty blender that is a great addition to most kitchens.

It simply blows away cheap discount blenders.

Don't trust me of course, this is just one person's opinion: Click Here to check it out on Amazon.