Osterizer Blender Parts

I love to cook, but even if you don't, a blender is a nearly essential kitchen accessory. Even my friend Butch who can't boil water has a blender for making drinks!

Obviously blenders are pretty cool utensils, whether you are making tropical drinks, smoothies, doing general cooking prep, or maybe just lost masking frozen daiquiris and margaritas.

The Osterizer a long time favorite, is one of the most popular, which lots of different models. A look online found multiple choices from from an under $20 model with a plastic jar to the classic "beehive blenders" all the way up to ones around the $100 price point. Yes, you can spend far more on a blender if you'd like but for most of us that is unnecessary.

Blenders take a beating with lots of moving parts and wear and tear! They need to be well built.  Crushing ice, liquefying, chopping, and more is hard and tough on any device. Parts will eventually wear out, whether it takes a few years of hesavy usage or a few decades.

Fortunately Osterizer blender parts are widely available. These include Osterizer classic Blender parts, Osterizer  Beehive  Blender parts, and even models they haven't made in a long time.
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Some Oster Blender repair might require sending back to the factory, I've never had to. Certainly many repairs do not and can be easily done at home..

For example, if your blender is leaking, you may just need a new gasket or sealing ring. Very easy to replace  Fortunately these are available cheaply, usually $2-$5 dollars online or at your favorite department store. A quick look online shows a 3 pack for under $1! Make sure you get the right size.

Blender blades will wear with time and heavy usage and need to be replaced. Blender blades are cheap, widely available, and anyone can replace them. There are also special purpose blades available for some purposes. These include the Ice Crusher Blender Blade, great if you are making frozen tropical drinks for example, and the Oster Milkshake Blade, obviously for making milkshakes. And of course you can crush ice or make milkshakes without these specialty blades as well, but these inexpensive blades make it quick and easy.

Blender jars as well as their tops and bottoms are also inexpensive and widely available. The cheaper plastic jars can and do crack, although several online reviewers have commented that even the cheapest ones sometimes last a decade. It's nice to have several for flexibility and you can with cheap ones. Of course glass ones can break too and often make a bigger mess when they do.  Unfortunately I dropped an almost brand new one when in college with disastrous results!

Having an extra blender jar can be great if you cook, are making multiple drinks, or for a plethora of other reasons. I've found it helpful both at parties when making more than one type of frozen drink simultaneously as well as when cooking multi-course dinners.

The Blend & Go Cup is pretty cool, letting you make up to 20 oz smoothies, put the top on, and walk (or run if late like me) out the door. A lot of people use these for healthy smoothies and shakes on the run.

The 8 oz mini jar with lid for is similar . It's an 8 ounce mini plastic jar with a lid, and very convenient for grinding and storing things like coffee, spices, and even baby food.

There are also some miscellaneous Osterizer blender parts available like drive pins and rubber drive couplings should you need them, and yes they can wear out or break. A lot of people buy these.

There are even convenient kits of Osterizer blender parts available like the Oster 6010 6 Piece Blender Accessory Refresh Kit which contains a blade, two sealing rings, a lid, filler cap, and bottom cap.

Blenders get incredible amounts of wear and tear. Blending is hard work and tough on appliances. With easily available replacement parts you can both extend the life of your blender and increase its flexibility.

You can also visit the official  Osterizer Website for more information, where you can currently find older Osterizer blender manuals as well as lots of other useful information!